It's not hockey yet, but driver-on-driver NASCAR squabbles seem to be popping up more and more on the track and in the garage. In the latest episode, Jeff Gordon decided to wreck Clint Bowyer for "ruining" multiple races in the past, and then got into a physical altercation in the garage after the race. The controversy created headlines and caught the eyes of some non-NASCAR fans, but is the attention good for the sport?

Punishment deserved?

"Clint has run into me numerous times," Gordon said postfight. "I've had it, fed up with it, and I got him back."



When asked about the possibility of getting Gordon back next weekend, Bowyer replied, "We'll just have to see."


Had it coming?

Are you buying Gordon's claim that Bowyer has ruined multiple races for him in the past and deserved what he got?


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