The Marlins are having a fire sale -- again. Just a year after making a big splash in free agency and moving into a new, taxpayer-funded stadium, Miami is set to trade Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Josh Johnson to the Blue Jays in exchange for little more than salary relief. Can a baseball team compete with a low payroll? And is it time for Major League Baseball to do something about the ownership situation in Miami?

South Florida success?

The Marlins opened a new stadium in 2012, but as the season went on, it had plenty of empty seats.


Do dollars equal wins?

The "Moneyball" A's had some success, but it can still be hard for low-spending teams to compete.


Get the paper bags ready

The seven-win Bobcats were hard to watch last year. Is bad basketball worse than bad baseball?


Baseball in Florida

The Marlins and Rays have been to three World Series, but have struggled to build a fanbase.


Worst owner in sports?

Jeffrey Loria has held multiple Marlins' firesales. Does that make him the worst owner in sports?


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