NASCAR's Chase for the Cup culminates in Sunday's race at Homestead-Miami Speedway, where leader Brad Keselowski brings a 20-point lead into the finale over Jimmie Johnson. The stretch run of the Chase has provided some interesting stories both on and off the field, led, of course, by Clint Bowyer-Jeff Gordon. But as the final race is here, we asked our experts to weigh in on the last Sunday of the season. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Christian (Texas)

Is BK now the lock to win since he got 6th and JJ got 32nd in Phoenix? 15th or better in the next race is pretty likely for BK if everything goes smooth.

Dale Jarrett, 1999 NASCAR champion
Dale Jarrett

It sounds easy, but that's not the case. I'll use Martin Truex as an example yesterday. He had an engine problem on the second race and by lap 10 he was out of the race. This is still parts and pieces put together by people that can fail at any time. Putting that aside, trying to finish 15th and playing a prevent defense is much harder than trying to finish top 5 and win the race. You put yourself in a tough place. You could finish 17 or 18 and Jimmie is very capable of leading the most laps, winning and getting max points. It probably won't happen, but could. Full transcript

John (DE)

Have you ever seen a NASCAR driver like #2 who thinks he needs to interfere his opinions into everything NASCAR? Since when did #2 become the NASCAR spokesperson?

David Newton, NASCAR writer
David Newton

You've got this all wrong. Brad Keselowski simply was asswering a question -- mine in fact -- on what he thought about the end of the race. I respect him for speaking his mind. Full transcript

Eric B. (Paducah)

If Brad finishes this off, will this be the greatest championship run in NASCAR history?

Terry Blount, NASCAR writer
Terry Blount

Greatest in history? Not even close. But good for the sport to crown a first-time champ who is very popular with the fans. Full transcript

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