Les Miles and LSU have been good to each other -- Miles has been handsomely compensated in terms of prestige and money, while LSU has racked up win after win during his tenure. Their relationship might come to a rapid end, however, if you believe reports that Arkansas has offered him a five-year, $27.5 million deal to take over its struggling program. Miles' agent has dismissed the report, but if it's true, it would represent a big raise for Miles, as well as the chance to rebuild a storied program from its current position near the bottom of the SEC. If he does leave, however, what will happen to the team he built into a perennial national title contender?

Would Miles take the money?

Les Miles has a good thing going at LSU, but if the offer from Arkansas is legitimate, he'll have an interesting decision to make.


Would you do the same?

Loyalty is a fleeting thing in college football, and though Miles seems happy at LSU, a potential raise of $1.749 million a year might be an understandable incentive.


Arkansas' potential?

Arkansas' 4-8 overall record puts it in the bottom third of the SEC, but a coach of Miles' caliber could do wonders toward getting the Razorbacks back on track.


A Razorback in the room?

LSU is well-matched against most teams in college football, but playing in a bowl for a coach who's about to leave might be awkward.


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