The Celtics will be without Rajon Rondo for two games after he shoved Kris Humphries into the front-row seats at TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Humphries' hard foul on Kevin Garnett, which sparked Rondo's reaction, was a sign the Nets think of Boston as a four-letter word: s-o-f-t. Does Rivers have a point? And did Rondo overreact, or was he simply sticking up for his teammate?

Punishment fit the crime?

Rajon Rondo will sit two games as a result of his confrontation with Kris Humphries.


Who's to blame?

Do you blame Humphries' hard foul or Rondo's reaction for the Nets-Celtics fight?


The bigger they are ...

Kevin Garnett took a tumble after being fouled by Humphries. Was his reaction legit or over the top?


Anger management

Rajon Rondo is known both for his talent and his temper. Did the latter get the best of him?


Brooklyn's in the house

The Nets have two wins over the Celtics as part of their strong start.


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