The Redskins' close win Monday night over the Giants made the NFC East race a lot more interesting. Robert Griffin III's heroics (along with a little bit of luck -- he's pretty darn good, but when one of your teammates turns your fumble into a touchdown, you can't exactly attribute that to proper preparation) brought the Redskins to 6-6, with the Giants just barely ahead at 7-5. That's not even taking into account the Cowboys, who are suddenly competitive at 6-6 after defeating a disorganized Eagles squad.


The Redskins have looked only barely competent at times this season, but they're in position to challenge for a playoff spot.


NFC East shake-up?

Don't look now, but even the supposedly hapless Cowboys could end up on top in the NFC East.


Griffin or Luck?

Andrew Luck led his team to a dramatic victory over the Lions this past weekend, but has his season been better than Griffin's in Washington?


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