There's been a lot going on with the Saints bounty scandal in the wake of Paul Tagliabue's decision to vacate all player suspensions. Drew Brees criticized Roger Goodell's handling of the whole situation, saying he has "very little to no credibility" with players. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is attempting to pin the blame for the bounty scandal on interim coach Joe Vitt, but even if Vitt receives more penalties, it might not matter as much to the Saints, because Sean Payton could be reinstated by the end of the regular season. This scandal has defined the Saints' 2012 season, and it appears the fallout could be even more widespread than originally thought.

Reinstating Payton?

The Saints are 5-8, so chances are Payton won't be coaching them in the playoffs, but he could get a head start on planning for 2013 if his suspension is revamped.


Williams' gambit?

Gregg Williams has been a central figure in the bounty scandal, but according to him, he tried to put a stop to the entire thing, only to be thwarted by Joe Vitt.


Goodell's credibility?

The Saints have little reason to love Roger Goodell, but Brees' statement about him indicated that there could be widespread player dissatisfaction with his tenure.


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