At what point do we begin to describe the Jets' season as a farce? Was it when they signed Tim Tebow? Was it after Darrelle Revis was injured? What about when Mark Sanchez fumbled after running into his own teammate? If it wasn't beforehand, it definitely is now: New York is planning on parting ways with both Sanchez and Tim Tebow this offseason. The normally-stoic Tebow has been visibly irritated by his lack of playing time, while Sanchez has looked like he wants to be anywhere but playing football. One possible way forward for the Jets in the offseason: Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Sanchez's future?

Trading Sanchez might be more difficult than it looks -- his contract is relatively expensive and his performance hasn't made teams confident.


Sanchez's destination?

As always, quarterback is an exceptionally tough position to fill, and the Jets aren't the only team that has struggled with its passing game.


Tebow's treatment?

Tim Tebow likely thought he would have a chance to compete for the starting job, but even with Mark Sanchez struggling, he can't get on the field for more than a few plays per game.


Tebow's destination?

Tebow still has a winning record as a starting quarterback, which could lead to a return to Florida, or a second chance elsewhere in the NFL.


Is Vick the answer?

Michael Vick needs a change of scenery. The Jets will likely need a new quarterback next season. Could this be in both sides' best interest?


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