This isn't the first time we've heard Phil Jackson's name bandied about as a potential coach of a struggling team, but the Nets seem to be more serious about it than the Lakers ever were. Jackson is atop the list of favorites to replace Avery Johnson in Brooklyn and could be a prime candidate to turn around the Nets, who are still in early playoff contention after a massive slump in December. Jackson's appeal is obvious, but he might be feeling burnt out after getting rejected for the Lakers' spot.

Jackson's effect?

Phil Jackson's reputation is pretty secure -- he's among the most decorated coaches in NBA history -- but he won his championships with a collection of superstars.


Other options?

Jackson's name is not the only one being discussed -- Jerry Sloan, Larry Brown and many others are potential replacements for Johnson.


Jackson or someone else?

The Nets are an up-and-coming team in an exciting location, but it might prove difficult to lure Jackson out of a pretty comfortable retirement.


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