After 30-something days of waiting, the BCS National Championship Game is finally on the horizon. Once the ball drops, the fireworks stop and the lights turn on following all of the grand New Year's parties, we will have less than one week before Alabama and Notre Dame square off. So, it's about time we start talking about the game. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

Will the Tide try to expose the weak Irish secondary deep with Amari Cooper on a frequent basis? Or do you think it will be a couple of shots off play action, assuming they can run the ball against the formidable ND front seven?

Alex Scarborough, TideNation blogger
Alex Scarborough

I think we're more than likely looking at the second option. I think what we saw against Georgia will probably determine a lot in this game. Alabama couldn't stop the Bulldogs pass rush and Notre Dame's is just as effective. The best way to counter that is running right at the defense and passing off play action. Full transcript

Dom (NY)

To me Everett Golson is the X-factor in this game. He has the ability to escape the pass rush and wear out Alabama with his legs ... On the flip side he is a freshman, playing in the biggest game of his life ... Your thoughts?

Matt Fortuna, Notre Dame blogger
Matt Fortuna

Dom, I'd say he's a little more than an X-factor. I don't think he'll be mentally rattled though, seeing as he has performed well on big stages away from home this season. I do think he has to be careful with picking his spots against this defense, though, as he can't take too many big hits. Full transcript

Gowazzu02 (killing time at the office)

If Alabama started the year ranked number 10, would they be in the NCG today?

Ted Miller, Pac-12 blogger
Ted Miller

Fair question... But the SEC gets so much street credit that winning the conference title as a 1-loss team makes you first among equals among other 1-loss teams. It will be that way until some teams start beating the SEC in the title game and other bowl games. Full transcript

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