The Lakers fell below .500 again this season after a 103-99 loss to the 76ers on New Year's Day. Kobe Bryant is blaming the team's age for the recent lack of energy, which makes sense considering the Lakers have four players over the age of 32 playing more than 30 minutes a night. But the team also has never really been at full strength yet, with Dwight Howard, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol all nursing injuries. Is it age or injuries that has held the Lakers back? And should Bryant shoulder some of the blame as well?

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The blame game

The Lakers may be old, but so are the Knicks, who have an average age of 32.6 but a 21-10 record to go with it. Then again, the Knicks don't ride their 30-somethings quite as hard as the Lakers.


Which has been a bigger problem for the Lakers this season?


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Look in the mirror?

Kobe Bryant is leading the league in scoring, but he has had to take the most shots of any player (121 more than Russell Westbrook!) to do it.


How much is Kobe Bryant to blame for the Lakers' struggles this season?


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