The NFL regular season is over and now the march to Miami and Super Bowl XLVII begins, starting with this weekend's wild-card matchups. During this holiday week, we've had our experts stopping by to break down all of the offseason discussions, from the season's awards to the postseason. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Jay (Eden Prairie)

Manning for MVP? Other QB's had similar if not better stats. AP should be MVP. Lousy QB play by the Vikings in a QB friendly league, no other weapons to prevent 8 or 9 in the box, won rushing title by 480+ yards.

Mike Sando, NFL blogger
Mike Sando

Adrian Peterson's stats were consistently good regardless of whether the Vikings won games. Christian Ponder's Total QBR score was dramatically higher when the Vikings won compared with when the Vikings lost. Peterson is obviously 50 times the player Ponder will ever become, but what is the value of a great runner? A team with a great QB and so-so runner will be better off than a team with a so-so QB and a great runner. It's the nature of the RB position that affects the value ultimately. Most outstanding player? Most impressive player? Peterson will get my vote for that. Love to watch him play. Full transcript

Julius (Atlanta)

Let me guess, Green Bay verse either Denver or NE with AFC winning right?

Matt Williamson, ESPN's Scounts Inc.
Matt Williamson

I do think Den and NEng are the two best teams and that they will meet in the AFC Championship with the winner winning the whole thing, but I don't have a team that I feel stands out in the NFC. I am picking GB and SEA this week, but after that, I think those four remaining teams are pretty equal. Will have to analyze the matchups-should be fun. Full transcript

Shawn (NJ)

Mort, why doesn't Leslie Frazier get any love in discussions for Coach of the Year? Seems to never get mentioned. One year ago today, who had a bigger mess on their hands heading into 2012 than Frazier?

Chris Mortensen, NFL Insider
Chris Mortensen

I emailed some of our studio folks not to forget Frazier as coach of the year. The Vikings went from 3-13 to 10-6 in one of toughest divisions in football. I know owner Zygi Wilf predicted playoffs but I didn't find anyone - including myself - who believed that would happen. Full transcript

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