Nothing's set in stone yet about the NHL ending its lockout -- words like "tentative" and "fine-tuning" and "please, please let this work" are being tossed around a lot -- but it seems like the league and the NHLPA came to an agreement just in time to save at least a portion of this season. Hockey fans have to be feeling mixed emotions here. On the one hand: Sweet, hockey is coming back! On the other, this is the second lockout in a decade, and given the track record of everyone involved, there's no guarantee that some other issue won't cause another lockout somewhere down the line.

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Are you excited?

Fans who had to get their hockey fix by watching junior tournaments or overseas games now will be able to return to their normal routines.


Are you less of a fan?

The NFL and NBA managed to retain most of their fandoms despite contentious labor disputes, but hockey fans may be wary of having yet another season interrupted.


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