We noticed a curious thing when looking over the results of our Baseball Hall of Fame ballot -- if SportsNation voted for the Hall, no one on this year's list of candidates would reach the threshold of 75 percent necessary for induction. It may be that SN's opinion reflects that of the actual voters, as public ballots reflect a similar ambivalence about the 2013 class. We've collected some of the biggest names on the first-time candidate list to see what your predictions are for their Hall chances. Remember, it's not about whether you'd vote for them, it's whether you think the writers will.

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Bonds' chance?

Forty-four percent of SportsNation voted for Barry Bonds, who is struggling to gain acceptance due to his connection to PEDs.


Clemens' chance?

Forty-three percent of SportsNation voted for Roger Clemens. Will he also be penalized for potential PED use?


Piazza's chance?

Sixty-four percent of SportsNation voted for Mike Piazza, a pretty strong turnout that may increase once he's spent some time on the ballot.


Biggio's chance?

Sixty-two percent of SportsNation voted for Craig Biggio, whose Hall argument is mainly built on his impressive career totals.


Schilling's chance?

Fifty-one percent of SportsNation voted for Curt Schilling, whose postseason heroics have shored up his Hall of Fame case considerably.


Sosa's chance?

Twenty-five percent of SportsNation voted for Sammy Sosa, whose high spot on the career home run list may not outweigh SN's PED suspicion.


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