It's been an interesting few days for athletes on Twitter, the popular social media and networking platform. Kobe Bryant, a longtime Twitter holdout, joined the service and picked up more than a half-million followers overnight, then quickly began using Twitter in interesting ways. Texans running back Arian Foster has been a longtime Twitter user and changed his avatar to make note of a column critical of the Texans. And it seems no one is more popular on Twitter these days than A.J. McCarron's girlfriend -- to the point that LeBron James took notice. So what do you think of these moves? And is Twitter good for athletes? Cast your votes!

Fighting or Fighting Words?

Kobe Bryant posted this "fight" picture to his account, while Arian Foster changed his avatar to quotes from a critical column, both examples of players using Twitter to tweak the media.


Better superstar Twitter follower?

On Monday, Kobe Bryant -- who just joined Twitter -- began following random Lakers fans. That night, LeBron James followed A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, who now has more than 140,000 followers.


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