Roger Clemens reacted on Twitter to the results of the Baseball Hall of Fame vote indicating he expected to not be voted in. Some athletes responded more strongly to no one being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame with the major comment being that the players believe the writers made decisions based not on statistics but because of alleged steroid use. Do you agree with the players or writers? Leave a comment to let us know or tweet us @ESPN.

More reaction

• Jim Bunning, who was selected for the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee in 1996, the last year that no one was elected by the writers, told ESPN's William Weinbaum: "The writers are sending a message that they're not going to elect someone they know or perceive to have used steroids ... The Hall is run independently from Major League Baseball and that's the way it should be."

• Hall of Fame Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda also told ESPN's Weinbaum: "If guys cheated, they don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame ... How did they get those numbers? Who ever thought somebody would hit 70 home runs? Babe Ruth never hit 70."

Lasorda indicated, however, that he would have liked to have seen Mike Piazza selected to the Hall. "He had more homers than any other catcher and hit over .300," Lasorda said. "I don't think he took [performance enhancing drugs], and that's my opinion. I hope I'm not wrong."

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