The Jaguars introduced new general manager David Caldwell on Thursday, and immediately the subject of Tim Tebow came up. And despite a report in December that Tebow was likely to land in Jacksonville, Caldwell claimed that's not the case, saying "I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar." So what is Tim Tebow's future in the NFL? And will he still land in Jacksonville?

A Jacksonville smokescreen?

Jags fans want Tebow, but the new GM says he's not interested. Could he possibly be bluffing?


Start Tim up?

Tebow had success as a starter in Denver. Will he ever get a chance to shine in that role again?


No throw for Tebow?

The Jets used Tebow as a punt protecter, and talked about playing him at RB. Is his NFL future at a position other than quarterback?


Looking for work?

If neither the Jets nor Jaguars are interested in Tebow, which team will be? Or will the former Heisman winner be unemployed soon?


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