We just couldn't help it. I don't think anyone could. When the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story broke this week, everyone just had to talk about it. The story appears to be so complex and bizarre that we almost had no choice but to try and dissect everything. Though I'm not sure even our chat experts had any answers or know what to make of all of this. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Chris (Alabama) [via mobile]

Your thoughts on the Te'o story please.

Andrea Adelson, college football blogger
Andrea Adelson

My thoughts are simple: I really have no idea what to believe, whom to believe, and how on earth all of this blew up into a national scandal. I mean last night I was watching the Swofford press conference on ESPN and on the side of the screen under breaking news it says Teo's dead girlfriend was a hoax. Over lots of other big sports news items of the day. It is such a complex, convoluted story, what I want to know is why the lies, and why somebody would "catfish" if that is indeed what happened. Not to sound like Tonya Harding, but WHY!!! That is what I want to know. Full transcript

UAmatt89 (Tucson)

Ted, your opinion here so no wrong answer: Was Manti Te'o in on it?

Ted Miller, college football blogger
Ted Miller

I don't know and I'm going to be careful on passing judgment one way or the other. From Duke lacrosse to this, the lesson we have to learn over and over is wait for a thorough presentation of details and facts. Do I have concerns on Te'o's position? Yes. But I also believe rushing to judgment would be a mistake. Full transcript

Nicolas (Fisheating Creek, FL)

Manti Teo's draft stock must be dropping because of his fake girlfriend controversy. What are the odds that the Buccaneers take him in the first round if he drops that low?

Pat Yasinskas, NFL blogger
Patrick Yasinskas

Let's wait to see how that whole thing plays out. Pretty sure we haven't heard all the details yet. Full transcript

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