Bernard Pollard had some choice comments about where the NFL will be in 30 years. That got us to thinking about sports in general in 2043. Will college sports, in its money-induced power play, change drastically? Will soccer be in a better place? Which sport will children be gravitating to the most? And will a woman have made a men's professional team? Cast your votes below and store the results in your long-term memory.

Will NFL grow or shrink?

The NFL has been riding a wave of popularity, but tempered with concerns about players' safety risks. Will this eventually lead to a smaller league with fewer teams?


A new product?

Some fear the NFL is giving in to a growing chorus of critics who say the sport is too violent, and in doing so is making the game "soft." Will it just get "softer" or will it stay the same?


No such thing as amateur?

The college landscape is shifting rapidly, all in the chase of the mighty dollar. Will that greed lead to a model in which schools can sign the best athletes, regardless of whether they are students?


A fight to the finish?

The rise of mixed martial arts has been impressive, and the steady decline of boxing, after decades of dominance, has been striking. Can MMA hold on, or will boxing make a comeback?


Will soccer's day come?

Despite the popular belief that no one cares about soccer in the United States, MLS continues to expand and draw record crowds. Will that continue, and will it lead to a new respect for the game in the U.S.?


True gender equality?

Women are getting involved in the men's game, earning spots as referees and showing skill at kicking footballs and dunking basketballs. Is it just a matter of time before one makes a men's pro team?


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