Media day is usually notable for dumb questions and sad attempts at wacky gimmicks from bored reporters, but Tuesday some actual headlines were generated in and out of football. Ray Lewis denied a Sports Illustrated report that he had recently used performance-enhancing drugs to recover from an injury, while Alex Rodriguez's name appeared on a Miami clinic's list of players to whom it had supposedly delivered banned substances. Lewis is getting ready to play in the Super Bowl, while Rodriguez is rehabbing from an injury, but it's certain that these allegations have their attention -- as well as ours.

A sideshow for Lewis?

Ray Lewis' focus has never been called into question, but when you're trying to get ready for the Super Bowl, allegations of PED use probably don't help your concentration.


Moss or Lewis?

Randy Moss claimed to be the best receiver of all time during his media day session, a much lighter topic than what Lewis had to address.


A bigger problem?

Both MLB and the NFL have had issues with PEDs in the past, but neither league seems to have gotten rid of the problem completely.


Is A-Rod done with the Yankees?

The Yankees still owe Alex Rodriguez more than $100 million, which is a bit of a burden to bear considering his declining production and possible role as a media distraction.


A good deal?

Alex Rodriguez put up some MVP-caliber years with the Yankees, but it hasn't been all sunshine and roses in New York; see his PED allegations and notable playoff failures.


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