Despite a lockout that cost the league half the regular season, fans have embraced the return of the NHL. And they're paying more to do it. According to Team Marketing Report's annual "Fan Cost Index", the cost of the average NHL season ticket is up 5.7 percent to $61.01. Nineteen teams have shown an increase in average ticket cost after the lockout, while just three teams are down from what they were charging last year. So is it fair for the NHL to charge more for less hockey? And is the league still a value for fans?

Prices on the rise?

The average ticket price is up 5.7 percent, despite the lengthy lockout. Some fans may be experiencing sticker shock at the costs.


Bang for your buck?

For more than $60 a ticket, many fans would prefer to stay home, but there's still something to be said for the in-arena experience.


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