LeBron James has been criticized for a lot of things, but "being too awesome at dunking" really hasn't been one of them, at least until now. James has been executing astounding pregame dunks for some time now, but he might put an end to the show, claiming it's making people mad -- if he can do these awesome dunks in practice, why not finally make an appearance at the All-Star Weekend slam dunk contest? Knowing LeBron (as much as any of us "know" LeBron beyond his public persona), he'll only join the dunk contest at the point of maximum hype -- if at all.

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Contest appearance?

LeBron may have tweeted cryptically about the dunk contest this season, but he's still sitting on the sidelines. He'd have to be a favorite if he did take his talents to the contest.


Will LeBron James ever participate in the NBA's dunk contest?


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