Baseball Tonight is back on a daily basis and that is surely a good sign, as the season itself can't be too far behind. While Tim Kurkjian, John Kruk, Karl Ravech and all of the others make the rounds through spring training, we also have our team chatting here in SportsNation, sharing their thoughts on the upcoming season on the diamond. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Larry (DC)

As you progressed in your career, how did your thoughts on spring training change?

Darryl Strawberry, four-time World Series champion
Darryl Strawberry

Yeah, you definitely change. You get older and wiser and you understand what spring training's for, it's to get your work in. Not to overdo anything. You get a chance to be in the sunshine and you get to work on everything. Back East and head North, it's going to be cold so you have to be ready. You have to get your body ready. Full transcript

Zinker (Baltimore)

If Machado has real troubles at the plate, will the O's ride him out becasue of his defense? Or will they send him down? It seems teams have different ideas on developing players in the majors.

Keith Law, MLB Insider
Keith Law

My guess is they ride him out, but more importantly, I don't think he'll have real troubles at the plate this year. He might not take a leap forward, but I think he'll be more than good enough. Full transcript

Bill (Melbourne, FL)

What do you see the Yankees doing mid-year if they're in 3rd place or worse - sending top prospects away for aging vets? Or sucking it up this year and hope they can help next year?

David Schoenfield, SweetSpot blogger
David Schoenfield

I think they suck it up. Plus, not sure there is really going to be much out there at the trade deadline. Full transcript

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