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Halfway through the second round at the Honda Classic, Rory McIlroy, at 7 over par, decides he's "in a bad place mentally" and walks off the course.

Bobbyc65: "Would be nice if most of us could just leave work in the middle of the day because we weren't really feeling it that day."

Xenolith666: "Golfers are creatures of habit.. Rory's been playing the same equipment for years and now he changed everything.. yes, to us it'd be no big deal.. but to him it's a major adjustment. Take Tiger switching to his current coach.. you could see the growing pains, yet also the improvement."

After Virginia upsets Duke, Mike Krzyzewski expresses concern about the potential for an ugly incident when fans rush the court.

MikeRowe1525: "Coach K does have a point. While unintentional, the guest players are in harm's way of getting trampled. Hell look at Wal-mart on Black Friday, people getting killed from a stampede to get in the store, for what -- a deal on an I-Phone. There definitely is a safety issue involved no matter what team it is."

LeBron James briefly considers ending his customary pregame dunking display, rekindling criticism of him for not taking part in the slam dunk contest during All-Star Weekend.

BroncosKidd1994: "LeBron is just trolling us."

Alabama offers Baton Rouge, La. eighth-grader Dylan Moses a football scholarship, matching an earlier offer from LSU as the recruiting battle for the Class of 2017 gets under way.

natekillahwins: "Gives him a clearer path of what is expected of him. On top of that, he know the world is watching him. Might make him think twice before doing something stupid at a party."

The Miami Heat prove that even highly-paid NBA players aren't above Internet silliness.

BullsSJ13: "Lebron is making is harder and harder to hate him. He is hilarious in this."

mclark1127: "Heard the Knicks did a Harlem Shake version as well, but it's only Carmelo Anthony dancing in isolation for 30 seconds."

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