Houston Texans running Arian Foster is leaving Twitter. It appears his 5,017th tweet, pictured above, was his last. Although this alone isn't earth-shattering news, it does hint at what might lie ahead. Foster never stepped on a Twitter land mine, but plenty of his contemporaries have. The platform is as capable of hurting as it is helping a player's off-field persona. Are we nearing a threshold where more athletes who have been on Twitter for some time will walk away than newbies like Kobe Bryant will sign up? Will Foster really never return to his 370,000 followers? And for someone in Manti Te'o's situation, is Twitter just too dangerous to entertain?

Coming or going?

In late 2011, Twitter revealed data for the first time that showed 50 percent of NFL players and 75 percent of NBA players used the site.


Gone for good?

In an earlier tweet, Foster asked why the NFL was so interested in what players say publicly. Is quitting Twitter a decision he will rethink?


To tweet or not to tweet?

Te'o recently announced he was taking a break from Twitter to concentrate on his NFL draft preparation. Should the break be permanent?


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