We're honoring some of the most-liked comments from this week's conversations as well as some you might have missed that we think are worthwhile. Read on:

"Team full of people nobody wanted." Uh-oh. Regardless of what Dwight Howard really meant by that, we're betting it's going to turn unseasonably chilly in Orlando on Tuesday night when Howard and the Lakers come to town.

sportslover42: "What part of "team full of people nobody wanted" needs to be clarified Dwight? You said it, so own it."

KeithPyon123: "Dwight should learn from Lebron. He went season after season leading his team in scoring, rebounding, assists, getting to the free throw line, and also selling tickets, yet not once have we heard Lebron call out any single one of his teammates. Now Lebron's on his way to greatness, and Dwight's making excuses."

nonyabidness: "He is absolutely right. ... That is literally a team full of players nobody wanted, and Howard led them to the NBA Finals."

Discussion of Howard's misadventures in public relations continued, even as support for DH12 came from his former coach in Orlando, Stan Van Gundy.

redsfan4141: "He needs to be tied up and forced to watch Bill Belichick interviews over and over..."

How would you celebrate becoming the NFL's highest-paid quarterback? Joe Flacco chose a 10-piece McNugget meal with fries and an unsweetened iced tea. Success comes with a price and for Flacco, it was $6.99 at the first drive-up window.

therampage2011: "Poor journalism. No mention of the sauce he had."

kcisney BYU: "ESPN front page: "Flacco feels respected" "Goes to McDonalds". LOL I respect myself but I don't go to McDonalds to prove it! haha."

I Mustache You A Third Question: "Mark Sanchez was seen later in the day at the drive thru, but when he went to hand the money to the cashier, someone ran by his car, intercepting it and returned it for a touchdown."

And then there's the story of how Dennis Rodman engaged in basketball diplomacy and became the first American known to have met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. No, really, we're not making this up.

TSALOMI: "Rodman 2016?"

rcostello004: "You know you're in trouble when Dennis Rodman is actually doing more for America than all of the idiots in DC combined..."

tommy1851: "Rodman is a cartoon character. This whole thing is out of some crazy reality TV show. I find it funny, scary and weird all at the same time.."

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