As SportsNation's good friend Will Ferrell once said "We're going streaking!" Streaks both on the ice -- hello, Blackhawks -- and on the hardcourt -- oh, hey there Heat -- were the topic of discussion this week in chatland and in SportsNation. Our experts checked in with their thoughts on how impressive each streak is and which is more impressive. For all of our other chats, check out our chat archive page.

Johnny (West Palm Beach)

How long do you predict this Heat winning streak will last?

Michael Wallace, NBA writer, blogger
Michael Wallace

Streaks are difficult to predict. Logic would suggest Indiana on Sunday represents the biggest threat to the Heat's streak. But if you're a Miami fan, don't worry about any of that stuff down the road and just enjoy the ride. Full transcript

Jim (FL)

What do you make of the critics that say the Hawks have lost games during this stretch?

Barry Melrose, NHL analyst
Barry Melrose

I think you have to look at hockey and compare this streak to others in hockey. It is by far the most impressive from opening day that there's ever been in the NHL. If you don't like the rules of hockey, that's fine, but right now they've shattered the streak of the previous best team. Full transcript

Matt Hardman (Riverside, CA)

Do you think the Blackhawks can keep the streak up and who do you see as their toughest competition coming out of the West will be?

Michael Wilbon, "Pardon The Interruption" co-host
Michael Wilbon

It's a phenomenal streak. I wonder if it's going to be a below average team, like Columbus, that winds up ending the Blackhawks streak. The Blackhawks now play a bunch of sub-standard teams and could really run up the streak. Look, as Barry Melrose said on PTI the other day, the NHL is really fortunate to have a big-market, original 6 team with stars (Hossa, Kane, Sharp, Toews) doing something historic at the start of a lock-out shortened season. Big deal for the NHL. When does it become a national sports story instead of a nice hockey story? I don't know, at 28 or 29, maybe, if the Blackhawks can get it that far. BUT, remember No. 1 seeds in the NHL -- and the Blackhawks have been that a few times, at least No. 1 in the Western Conference -- often lose early in the playoffs. I'd like to see Hawks-Red Wings because I'm a Chicago boy who believes the Red Wings are the gold standard, and I'd like to see the Blackhawks go through them. To a Chicagoan it's like the fantasy of the Cubs beating the Cardinals or the Bears beating the Packers or Bulls beating the Pistons inthe 1990s. That win in Detroit, 2-1 in a shootout, has to be the most satisfying of all the results this season. Full transcript

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