We're honoring some of the most-liked comments from this week's conversations as well as some you might have missed that we think are worthwhile. Read on:

The boos rained down on Dwight Howard in his return to Orlando, as expected. Then he poured in 39 points -- most notably, 25 of them from the free throw line, where he has struggled all season. Problem solved?

bgee0883: "The confidence dh12 played with last night is what he has to do every game. He was dominant and intimidating, he played like a dominant center. They will be tough to beat if he plays like that. It's that simple!"

But these are the Lakers. So, no, the drama didn't end there. And discussion of Kobe Bryant's sprained ankle centered on whether the Hawks' Dahntay Jones crossed the line on the play during which Kobe was injured.

theironzach: "Sorry, but taking a shot and landing on a dude's foot who was contesting with no contact will never be a foul ever."

Baznasty: "Anyone who plays basketball knows that what Jones did was intentional. I'm a huge Kobe hater, but hurting people intentionally is just dirty."

A week after signing Joe Flacco to a deal worth more than 17 million 10-piece McNugget meals, the Super Bowl champion Ravens watched five starters walk out the door on trades, cuts and free agency.

blueliner2k3: "I thought you blew up teams after a disappointing season?"

Corollary: "Guys, it's not this wouldn't have happened if Flacco agreed to a contract that paid him $3 million less per year...high paid veterans plus no cap room equals cuts."

hansalexanderj: "Impact players and team chemistry guys all gone, once Reed is gone. Yeah, the workhorses are there -- Flacco, Rice, Ngata, Suggs -- but losing a lot of swagger, identity, experience, and big playmakers in one offseason."

Ravens fans aren't alone in their misery. Losing Dustin Keller to the rival Dolphins didn't sit well with Jets fans, who now seem willing to try just about anything...

surgeprotector74: "This just in: Tebow named starter at Quarterback, Running Back, Tight End, Wide Receiver...."

jmulls10: "As a fan I've endured a good amount of crap from this team but this one is unacceptable. ... The fact that we can bring in Garrard, Goodson and possibly Kolb but can't hang on to Keller for a ONE year deal is a joke. ... Screw it, make Tebow the starter."

For years, our users have been debating whether Tiger Woods will regain the form that won him 14 major championships. With Woods' win at Doral, consider that debate rekindled.

DeviantU: "One fact is inescapable -- Tiger makes golf relevant. At the Masters, interest will be at a fever pitch from the general public, his fans and the crazed detractors. In short, people watch golf mainly because of Tiger. He is the sport, and no one else even matters."

ztexzXXII: "Tiger won't be 'back' until he wins a major. That's not true of any other golfer in the world. THAT'S how dominant he was. It's a complete double standard, but it's the only one to use with him."

Thanks to some alert friends, 43-year-old golfer Mark Mihal survived the scare of his life, when an 18-foot-deep sinkhole opened underneath his feet on a southern Illinois golf course. And you thought the 17th at TPC Sawgrass was dicey...

odoyalrules: "And they say golf isn't a dangerous sport."

buckwargo: "Does he get relief from ground under repair or is it an unplayable lie and one stroke penalty?"

ArthurWrightus: "A mortgage broker getting swallowed up by a piece of land. Oh, the irony!"

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