We're honoring some of the most-liked comments from this week's conversations as well as some you might have missed that we think are worthwhile. Read on:

President Obama tends to polarize opinion -- no news there. But his NCAA men's bracket had one detractor with a unique point of view, one that earned 900-plus "likes."

flava flav ya boiiiii: "Kim Jongs bracket is wayyy better. He has the 96 Bulls winning it all."

When you think "Harvard," you probably don't think "college basketball power." So the Crimson's surprising win capped a very bad day for New Mexico and the 94.4 percent of ESPN's 8.15 million Tournament Challenge entries that had the Lobos advancing.

MichiganStateWolverinesRock: "RIP my Bracket.We had a few good hours together."

Cincynb: "I regret putting New Mexico in at least the sweet sixteen in almost every bracket, and even the final four in two. Never again MWC, never again."

LasVegas_Rocks: "MWC may have had a high RPI, but individually, none of the teams were any good. UNM was the biggest FRAUD in the tournament and they got exposed by the Ivy League!"

Gonzaga led the whole way and closed out No. 16 seed Southern when it counted. But the Bulldogs' close call did little to quiet their critics.

Cincynb: "Gonzaga sure didn't look like a number one seed yesterday. That game looked more like an 8 seed playing a 9 seed. No. 1 seeds are supposed to roll over their opponents by at least 20 points. They'll be lucky to put together a deep run."

soccerisakickinthegrass: "Southern came in with a game plan: Peel back all 5 players after every shot and do not allow the Zags to run. ... the Shockers can do the same thing and hope to win a half court battle or they can try to crash the boards for 2nd chance points and risk being hit on the break. We'll see what they do on Saturday."

Athletes playing their entire careers for one team is now the exception, not the rule. So what should have the Bears done about Brian Urlacher ? Were they unfair to him after 13 seasons? Or did he overestimate his value?

ChiefIlliniwek4Life: "If he doesn't get an offer he likes from another team the Bears DAMN well better sign him to a one day contract to retire with the only team he's ever known."

henryneff44: "Urlacher should have been given an opportunity to finish his career with his original team. Wait ... you mean he rejected that opportunity? He thinks he's worth more millions more despite the fact that he's played 13 years, is an immobile shadow of himself, and coming off an injury? And because the Bears don't agree and have given him their blessing to seek more lucrative opportunities, they're the bad guys? Makes perfect sense to me."

Usually, players welcome their new teammates -- at least in public. So Chris Johnson's reaction to the Titans signing Shonn Greene raised eyebrows.

PulpFiction2: "Makes you wonder, does chris johnson want to win? or does he just want stats?"

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