The most celebrated weekend on the entire golf schedule hit this week with The Masters. A little extra excitement filled the air, likely due to Tiger Woods' excellent play early this season, as evidenced by SportsNation picking Tiger over the field to win at Augusta National. It should be a very interesting weekend. For everything else from this week, check out our chat archive.

Sasha Bordeaux (Minneapolis, MN)

Does Augusta look as beautiful in person as it does on TV? Always looks like a piece of golfing paradise.

Michael Collins, golf writer
Michael Collins

Everyday it looks brand new. It is a place that you HAVE to see in person to appreciate. Last year I stood on 12 and took my shoes off just to feel the grass and listen to the course. It was a spiritual moment. Full transcript

Shoshana (Boston)

Assume for a moment that Tiger wins this week. What does that mean for the remainder of 2013? And beyond? Will the young'uns begin to feel his aura/intimidation much as the prior generation once did?

Farrell Evans, golf writer
Farrell Evans

Tiger will generate excitement but the days of his so-called intimidation factor are over. More and more, players are concentrating less on what he's doing and more on their own games. it's hard to play well if you're standing around in awe of Tiger. Full transcript

Brian (Westborough, MA)

Hypothetically, the Augusta gods come to you and instruct you to blow up one hole that would be completely redesigned (and yes you have to pick one). Which would you pick?

Bob Harig, golf writer
Bob Harig

I would pick No. 17. It's not an easy hole, but it doesn't seem overly dramatic. Aside from the Eisenhower Tree, I have a hard time remembering the hole's features. Full transcript

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