The ''breath of fresh air'' storyline is a pretty common one whenever a struggling team gets a new coach. It generally goes like this: The old system that the previous (unsuccessful) coach used was a busted relic, while the system the new (and hopefully successful) coach is cooking up is a work of genius. Most of the time, it's pure hype, but in the case of the Eagles, who seem to be buying into Chip Kelly's fast-break system, there might be something to it. Kelly already has influenced pro offenses with his hurry-up style devised when he was Oregon's coach. We would appreciate you not bringing this up a year from now, in the event Kelly's offense doesn't quite translate to the NFL.

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Improved Eagles?

Last season's Eagles looked demoralized as they went 4-12, but a new game plan could turn them around quickly, considering the talent they possess.


The Eagles went 4-12 in 2012. How many games will they improve by this season under Chip Kelly?


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