Kobe Bryant's always been wired differently from ... just about everyone else, but putting him on Twitter has been kind of like a public scan of his brain. There are few other players, for instance, who play Beethoven on the piano while wearing winter gear after particularly frustrating losses. During the Lakers' Game 1 loss to the Spurs, Bryant took to Twitter to share his observations of the game, exhorting his teammates to play better and suggesting strategies. He might have been a bit over-enthusiastic, but really, it's not as if Kobe keeps his opinions to himself while he's playing, either.

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D'Antoni's take?

Mike D'Antoni appeared to be joking when he was asked about Kobe's tweets in his postgame news conference, but did he disrespect his best player?



Kobe doesn't have a whole lot to do during the remaining Lakers games this season -- more tweets may be incoming.


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