The NFL draft could quite possibly be the biggest sporting event of the year, outside of the Super Bowl. There is a three-month buildup and everyone gets excited to see whose stock is up, whose is down, which team reaches and which team improves the most. We were fully engrossed in the excitement leading into draft weekend by chatting all week on the NFL draft, bringing in a number of prospects, including the future No. 1 overall pick. For everything else from this week, check out our chat archive.

Jake (GA)

Which current NFL quarterback do you relate to the most?

EJ Manuel, former FSU QB, selected No. 16 by Buffalo
EJ Manuel

I would say a mix between Colin Kaepernick and Ben Roethlisberger. Full transcript

Alec T. (Lehigh, PA)

What would it mean to you if you were drafted #1 overall?

Eric Fisher, former Central Michigan OT, selected No. 1 overall by Kansas City
Eric Fisher

It would be a dream come true. My goal in this would be to get drafted as high as possible. That's as high as I can go. Full transcript

Mike (FL)

Is Tavon Austin the real thing, or more likely to be a bust?

Mel Kiper, NFL draft analyst
Mel Kiper

He should be. He's dynamic. Versatile. You can use his skills in a lot of ways. Punt returner. Kick returner. You can put him in the backfield. He should be an immediate impact player. Full transcript

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