New York tabloid writers won't have to worry about the Jets not creating headlines anytime soon. With the selection of West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith with the 39th pick in the NFL draft, the Jets' quarterback controversy has only intensified. Should the Jets release four-year starter Mark Sanchez and take an $8 million financial hit to get an early start on the Geno Smith era? Is the Geno Smith era worth rushing into? And how about Jets fans who have had to suffer through one humiliating turn after another?

Is the end near?

When you draft a quarterback early in the second round, it's not to let him carry a clipboard for long. Should the Jets start the Geno Smith era sooner rather than later?


Better days ahead?

Speaking of the Geno Smith era, is it a bright one? Will the West Virginia standout, who thrived on a short passing game in college, be able to adjust to the NFL game?


Experiment over?

We won't bother asking what the Jets should do with Tim Tebow, as you've made it clear they should part ways. But if the Jets release him, will he find another home?


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