The Tim Tebow experiment has ended in New York -- and, quite possibly, in the NFL as a whole. The Jets released Tebow on Monday, putting to rest any notion that he would compete with the rest of the team's menagerie of starting quarterbacks. Tebow's future doesn't look particularly bright, as his skills as a quarterback have constantly been called into question, but he does have measurable skills as a football player. If he can convince another team to take him on, we might see yet another attempt to translate his unique skill set into NFL success.

Tebow on your team?

By all accounts, Tebow was a model teammate in New York, although his high media profile might have been a distraction.


Would you want your favorite team to sign Tim Tebow?


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Tebow's fault?

Many anticipated that the Jets would use Tebow as a special weapon, but he only played 77 snaps for them, during which the team averaged 3.8 yards per play and didn't score a touchdown.


Who do you blame more for Tim Tebow's ineffectiveness in New York?


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Tebow at tight end?

Teams have asked if Tebow would be willing to switch to the tight end position, but he's reportedly said no.


Would Tim Tebow be an effective tight end in the NFL?


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