Nearly everyone with a vote for the NBA Most Valuable Player award voted for the obvious -- LeBron James. Only one writer did not -- the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn. Usually, when something like this happens, it turns out to be a writer voting for a player on the team he covers the most, but that's not the case with Washburn. He went on "SportsCenter" Monday to explain his vote, saying that he placed more importance on Anthony's value to the Knicks than James' overall excellence. His dissent didn't actually change the outcome of the vote, so as it stands, it exists as more of a curious experiment of thought than anything else.

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Definition of 'value'?

The word ''valuable'' muddies many an MVP debate -- players with clearly superior seasons can lose out to players who were the sole reason their team did anything at all.


Which side do you fall on in the Most Valuable Player award debate?


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