Baseball instituted instant replay to prevent a situation like the one we saw in the Indians-A's game on Wednesday night -- that is, umpires getting a home run call wrong. A quick trip to the replay booth should have cleared things up, but the crew ended up inexplicably confirming the original call, leading to an incensed Bob Melvin getting ejected and the A's losing out on a game-tying run. This can't be a fun situation for the league -- some kind of do-over would be a humongous hassle to organize, but letting the call stand as-is opens up the sport to potentially well-deserved ridicule.

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Expanded replay?

Proponents of instant replay say that it's important to get every call right, but is it worth slowing down the game when there's no guarantee of a correct call?


What's your take on the current level of instant replay in baseball? (Used only to review home run calls)


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