Knuckleballers are strange. They throw a pitch that looks like it defies physics, but the reality is far worse; it obeys laws of physics that are probably too complex for you (or us!) to understand. When the knuckler is really moving, it's practically a cheat code; when it's not, well, you only have to look as far as R.A. Dickey's disaster of a season to see what happens. Dickey has been roughed up a number of times this season, possibly because of an inability to throw his formerly dominant hard knuckler. A late-career rejuvenation isn't unusual for a knuckleballer, but neither is a sudden loss of effectiveness, which should make Blue Jays fans nervous.

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All about location?

Moving from the NL to the AL has been held as the downfall of many a pitcher, but again, a pitcher who throws a knuckleball may defy conventional explanations.


How much is the switch from the NL to the AL negatively affecting R.A. Dickey?


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