J.R. Smith stopped missing all of his shots. Carmelo Anthony put in a very Carmelo Anthony-esque performance. Jason Kidd ... well, Jason Kidd still hasn't scored a point in this series, but he also took only one shot, so that's not too bad. Regardless, the Knicks managed a comfortable win over the Pacers, and George Hill is iffy thanks to a concussion. Things are looking much brighter for the Knicks. We're not calling them favorites, of course, but considering how they looked in the first four games of this series, they're definitely in a much better position.

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Is Hill the key?

ESPN Stats & Info has the Pacers as plus-6 in net efficiency with George Hill on the floor but minus-20 when he's sitting. All four of their playoff losses have come when he's scored 12 points or fewer.


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