It seems that every time the modern Lakers try to assemble a collection of superstars, it doesn't quite work out as planned -- just ask Karl Malone and Gary Payton. Dwight Howard is just the latest representation of this -- he didn't have a bad season, but it wasn't up to his usual standards, and the Lakers as a whole limped to a swift playoff exit. Now, details are emerging from Howard's exit interview with the team -- namely, that he wasn't happy with the way coach Mike D'Antoni utilized him during the season. Howard is a free agent this season, and it sounds as if D'Antoni's continued employment by the team might be a sticking point in any attempt to re-sign the star center.

Will Howard return?

Mitch Kupchak said he was optimistic about re-signing Howard, but the normally verbose center has been noticeably silent regarding his future in the past few weeks.


Howard on your team?

Howard, at his best, is a dominating defensive force who can occasionally take over games on offense, but has he worn out his welcome?


Who would you keep?

Mike D'Antoni was able to just barely turn the Lakers' season around, but it might not be worth keeping him around if it means losing out on a few more years of Howard.


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