When you pay a baseball team $214.8 million, you expect certain things in return for your investment. Wins would be nice. Scoring some runs would be great, too. Both have been scarce for the Dodgers, 18-25 entering Tuesday's games and 29th in the majors in runs scored. Consider this: Only the Marlins have scored fewer runs. And Miami's payroll is substantially less than the Dodgers' $214.8 million.

So should we interpret general manager Ned Colletti's endorsement of manager Don Mattingly as the dreaded vote of confidence -- the kind often followed by a firing? Mattingly isn't to blame for the Dodgers' near-comic rash of early season injuries. And Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier haven't exactly hit the cover off the ball. But fairly or unfairly, it's the manager who pays with his job when things go wrong. Will Mattingly survive the season?

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