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NBA players have amazing skills. But lately, it seems as if they've been taking acting lessons from the Master Thespian on "Saturday Night Live." Is the NBA anti-flopping policy, well, umm, how do we say this ... a flop? David Stern thinks it's a farce. What should be done?

Infamous T-Rex: "an off-court official who is in front of several monitors to see the game from different angle is what EVERY sport needs. There are just things that you cant see from the refs stand point, especially on fast breaks where the refs cant keep up.."

btiriolo: "How about just training the refs to make the right call."

Pacersfan4ever: "Suspending Players sounds legit to me."

Showstopper0078: "30-50k per flop for first 2 flops. 3rd flop automatic suspension."

Dear Shaq: We didn't make up this one. But we thought you were awesome in "Blue Chips."

kellian1: "If you flop you're forced to watch Kazaam on a 24 hour loop. Flopping will be eliminated from the league in no time."

Maybe we'll see coaches start flopping to avoid the NBA Coach of the Year Curse, which is approaching Madden Curse-level credibility. George Karl found that out the hard way.

sjensen80: "Wow, tough gig. win 57 games and coach of the year. Your star shooter tears an ACL the last week of the season and you get fired? begs the question, who are they going to bring in that can prevent their players from getting injured?"

Antoine2106: "We don't need to win 57 again. Just need to get in and win 4 after the first 82 played."

With players including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun facing potential suspensions for their connections to the Biogenesis clinic, we wondered: Do fans still care about performance-enhancing drug use after all this time? Yes ... and no.

This comment had 1,780 likes as of Friday afternoon:

EIGHTANDAHALF: "Stop this nonsense, I have a fantasy league to win."

Then again, this one had 1,904 likes as of Friday afternoon:

Jakknutz: "100 games is not enough for Braun, nor A-Rod, but Braun specifically should be gone from the league. He is a complete liar and stole an MVP trophy. He deserves to be banned for life."

If PEDs really work, can we tell who's taking them from the standings?

media killer: "I'm betting no Astros are on this list."

socalfandrew: "Apparently none of my Halos are on the list either since we got swept by the Astros."

Here's the winner for most obscure sports reference in a comment. If you don't get this one, check out Grantland's take on the 1978 Triple Crown. We'd explain, but that would spoil the beauty of it.

JZasloff: "When thinking about Sharapova's impending match against Serena, one word keeps coming to mind: Alydar."

Much of SportsNation was born decades after Deacon Jones anchored the Los Angeles Rams' "Fearsome Foursome" defensive line. Conclusion: SportsNation, you know your NFL history, given your reaction to the passing of Jones, the man who made the quarterback sack part of football's language.

stevebowl: ""My first favorite player. My dad pointed him out to me on our old black and white TV. "Watch this guy. They can't block him." He went through the line like a truck. RIP Deacon."

twdco: "I am old enough to remember when Deacon played. As a kid growing up in L.A. and being a big Ram fan, to me Deacon was bigger than life. I loved to watch him take down the QB. Deacon was the main pillar of the famous "Fearsome Foursome" along with Merlin Olsen, Rosey Grier, and Lamar Lundy they made defense cool, and the sack a play worthy of celebration."

EatMorePez: "He also taught Peter Brady that singing in the glee club was cool! RIP Deacon."

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