There's news that people talk about, and then there's news that makes people talk. Tim Tebow reportedly joining the Patriots? That's news that makes people talk. On Twitter and in SportsNation, athletes and fans were buzzing about the former Broncos and Jets quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner joining Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England.

New England Patriots RB Leon Washington

Brian Dawkins, who last played with the Broncos in 2011 and is from Jacksonville, Fla.

Tiki Barber, who tried to come back to the NFL in 2011

As for Tebow: If he had any inkling the Patriots were inviting him to minicamp, he offered no hints. His most recent tweet, as of Sunday afternoon, references other plans for later this month:

Don't discount the Patriots-Jets rivalry as a factor in this. ESPN's Damien Woody would know, since he played for both teams:

A Patriot last season, free agent Donte Stallworth tweeted that Boston won't turn this into a wild ride like the Jets did.

Speaking of a circus, do you remember Tebow's introductory news conference with the Jets? This sports fan did:

Hollywood weighed in as Boston's own Donnie Wahlberg tweeted enthusiasm for the move.

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