Mets third baseman David Wright trails the Giants' Pablo Sandoval by more than 200,000 votes in balloting for the National League All-Star starting lineup. But Wright was recently voted "MLB's Hottest Cub" by the readers of dating website, which pairs older women with younger men. Can you guess where this was headed?

The Mets acknowledged Thursday that they had scuttled plans to work with to promote Wright's candidacy. And Wright, uncomfortable with the extra attention amid the Mets' struggles, said he asked the team to tone down its ballot push. Did the Mets go too far? Does Wright deserve to be an All-Star?

Mr. Wright Now?

Anyone who's been to high school knows looks are a factor in popularity. But is it a little strange to appeal to All-Star voters on a player's looks?


What do you make of the Mets' abandoned plan to partner with a dating website in order to get David Wright elected to the All-Star Game?


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The votes are in

Pablo Sandoval leads the All-Star voting at third despite being on the disabled list. Should fans or players decide who starts the Midsummer Classic?


Who should decide who starts in the All-Star Game?


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