With free agency period set to begin July 1, teams are taking a good look at their rosters and deciding which players should be kept and which should be dealt. The NBA 5-on-5 crew analyzed some of the most notable names on the market and debated who will be packing their bags this summer. What's your take? Vote below and join the conversation.

Trade or keep: Eric Bledsoe?

2012-13 stats: 8.5 PPG, 3.1 APG, 3.0 RPG


Trade or keep: Garnett and/or Pierce?

Garnett 2012-13 stats: 14.8 PPG, 7.8 RPG
Pierce 2012-13 stats: 18.6 PPG, 4.8 APG, 6.3 RPG


Trade or keep: Luol Deng?

2012-13 stats: 16.5 PPG, 3.0 APG, 6.3 RPG


Trade or keep: DeAndre Jordan?

2012-13 stats: 8.8 PPG, 7.2 RPG, 1.4 BLKPG


Trade or keep: Rajon Rondo?

2012-13 stats: 13.7 PPG, 11.1 APG, 5.6 RPG


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