A bit of Bryce Harper's luster had come off recently, as his long absence from the Nationals allowed other young players to shine. We're looking mainly at Yasiel Puig, whose 2.1 wins above replacement over 26 games is insane and would be a halfway-decent number over a full season. Harper wasted no time at all in re-establishing himself, however -- he homered in his first game back from injury on Monday night. The Nationals aren't a bad team without Harper, but their left fielders could use the boost -- during Harper's 31-game absence, the gentlemen who replaced him hit .200 with two home runs, eight RBIs and a .540 OPS.

Top phenom?

We're lucky enough to be living in the dawn of a potential golden age of outfielders, but it remains to be seen which one will rise above the rest.


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