Max Scherzer is having a great season -- there's no one out there who will really dispute this. 209 strikeouts and a 2.88 ERA are ace-level stats. It's Scherzer's win-loss record, however, that may be skewing the way he's viewed. He's 19-2 after a rare loss to the Red Sox last night, and it's been pointed out that, as good as Scherzer has been this season, his amazing record may largely be due to the Tigers' league-leading 5.79 runs per game in support of him. Manager Jim Leyland wasn't having any of the suggestion, saying that he ''didn't believe in any of that stuff,'' but you have to admit that getting a near-guaranteed five runs every time you start is going to put your mind at ease if you're a pitcher.

Run support?

By comparison, Tigers pitcher Anibal Sanchez has a lower ERA than Scherzer, but only has a 12-7 record. That might be due to receiving a half-run less support per game than Scherzer.


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