The Broncos are very good. The Jaguars are very bad. Neither of these facts is in dispute, and considering they'll face off next weekend, you'd expect the final score to be something along the lines of A Lot to A Little. One Las Vegas outlet is taking this to an extreme, posting a record-tying 28-point spread in favor of the Broncos. No one is seriously expecting the Jaguars to win, but are they going to lose that badly?

Here's a sampling of what readers had to say in our Facebook conversation on the story:

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How will Manning do?

Peyton Manning hasn't thrown fewer than two touchdowns in a game this year. He's averaging four touchdowns through five games.


Running it up?

Leaving Peyton Manning in the game for too long could be an unnecessary risk for the Broncos, especially if it's well in hand in the second half.


Jaguars' outlook?

The Broncos gave up 48 points to the Cowboys on Sunday, but the Jaguars' offense is the second-worst in the NFL with only 51 total points scored.


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