Updated: Sep 23, 2003, 9:46 AM

Are you a metrosexual?

David Beckham
Soccer superstar David Beckham is the quintessential metrosexual.
Are you a man who enjoys shopping, snappy shoes and a crisply starched buttondown? Have you ever frosted your hair or bought a pair of low rise bootcuts? Do you prefer a good martini over a sudsy draft? Get with it hipsters, you may be a metrosexual.

Now, say it with us SportsNation,

The latest buzzword defines an emerging breed of modern, straight, stylish, sensitive, well-groomed guys.

Are you a guy? Do you own a full set of silverware? Do you need more than a toothbrush and Speed Stick to get ready in the morning? You are off to a good start. Take the quiz below to explore your metro-sexuality.

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