Rank 'Em: SEC Coaches

Created: July 24, 2008, 1:47 PM

Is LSU's Les Miles SN's choice?

When examining the SEC, it's tough not to be overwhelmed by the quality of coaching across the conference. SEC coaches have a combined 991-599-7 overall record heading into the 2008-09 season. Even more impressive is that five different coaches have won national titles, including the past two BCS title games.

But which coach does SportsNation hold in the highest regard? Just who is the best of the best? Because so many great coaches patrol the sidelines of the SEC, ranking them is no easy task. Carefully consider your options, then rank the coaches of the SEC!

  • Kentucky
    Career record: 116-144-4
  • Mississippi State
    Career record: 17-30
  • Tennessee
    Career record: 147-45
  • Vanderbilt
    Career record: 20-50
  • Florida
    Career record: 70-16
  • LSU
    Career record: 62-27
  • Mississippi
    Career record: 80-54
  • Arkansas
    Career record: 41-9
  • Georgia
    Career record: 72-19
  • Alabama
    Career record: 98-48-1
  • South Carolina
    Career record: 163-56-2
  • Auburn
    Career record: 105-53